A global collaboration moving from AI principles to AI practice

The rapidly increasing applicability of artificial intelligence has prompted a number of organizations to work towards understanding the impact of the wide-spread deployment of AI as well as developing high-level principles on social and ethical issues such as privacy, fairness, bias, transparency, and accountability. Now, it is time to take the next step.

Building on these broader principles, the AI Policy Forum (AIPF), a global effort convened by the MIT Schwarzman College of Computing, will work towards formulating concrete guidance for governments and companies to address the emerging challenges. This will involve, on the one hand, selecting the right topics to discuss and the right partners with whom to engage. On the other hand, this will require a sustained focus on understanding the inevitable policy trade-offs that arise in the studied contexts, and identifying the technical tools and the policy levers to bring to bear on them.

The AI Policy Forum operates in yearlong cycles, with each cycle bringing together scientists, technologists, policymakers, and business leaders to examine in-depth a specific set of topics. This process culminates in a capstone event gathering high-level decision makers and is intended to provide a focal point for work to move from AI principles to AI practice, as well as to serve as a springboard to global efforts of designing the future of AI.