AI Policy Topics

The first edition of the AI Policy Forum is focusing on three broad sectors that are relevant across countries, regions, and cities — mobility, finance, and health care. Specific issues to examine within each of the topic areas will be determined by the task forces.


A global public health crisis, record-breaking private investment, and new firm formation have drastically impacted our assumptions about ridesharing, public transportation, and urban geography. The Task Force on Mobility is examining the foundations of autonomous vehicles technology and regulations to assess the way autonomous systems operate in urban and rural environments to transport people and goods.


AI is increasingly becoming part of the financial sector’s technology stack, assisting core financial decisions, in credit and insurance underwriting, fraud and regulatory compliance, investing, risk management, trading, and user interface. The goal of the Task Force on Finance is to get a more granular understanding of this emerging landscape, focusing on identification and implementation trade-offs that bridge technical research, policy and real-world systems, organized around the themes of: explainability, fairness and alternative data, financial stability, and robustness.

Health Care

New techniques in machine learning have already shown enormous promise for improving quality, efficiency, and even equitable delivery of health care services. However, these scientific advances can only fulfill their potential with careful consideration of the ethical, public policy and regulatory context in which they operate. The Task Force on Health Care will explore critical scientific and public policy issues regarding the use of artificial intelligence techniques in health care, especially questions of equity, data access and privacy, safety and reliability, and immunology and global health surveillance.

Moving beyond principles means understanding trade-offs and identifying the technical tools and the policy levers to address them.

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